I'm Melissa and I love design.

In 2004 I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles to study architecture, landscape and furniture design, at Art Center College of Design. In 2009 I graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Design and have been working as a multi-disciplinary designer ever since. My main focus during my studies was sustainable spatial design, which inevitably led me to pursuing the environmentally regenerative practice of landscape design.
I am enthusiastic about using a garden to create native biodiversity, regenerative landscape, as well as choosing complimentary drought tolerant plant palettes. In addition I must acknowledge my love for pure form and how it relates to landscape. Architecture began with our basic need for shelter; walls, a roof and at least one door (and hopefully some windows). A designed landscape allow us to be exposed to the elements, while having the security of a traditional shelter. The need for communion with nature is inherent in the human species and I believe that the designed landscape is a direct line to the sublime and mindfulness. This is what I felt when I began gardening as a child and that’s how I feel today, programming, designing and experiencing landscape.
In addition I have a love for typography, brand strategy and pretty much all things design. When I’m not designing I have many extracurricular activities such as hanging out in the Sierra back country, soaking in a natural hot spring, swimming the Yuba river, traveling to destinations uknown, or writing, recording and touring with musical projects, Breezers and Yuba.

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