Pick Me Up

For their second full length album, Truth and Salvage Co., contracted me to create the art and design for their vinyl and CD release. The band wanted something nostalgic, yet original. Being a musician and a lover of 60's and 70's music and aesthetic, I searched through stacks of records for inspiration; The Flying Burrito Bros., The Band, The Byrds, The Fillmore era artists I had grown-up with, like Victor Moscoso. After several iterations and collaborative creative direction from the band, I set aside my computer and went back to the analog. Taking out my trusty set of watercolors, I began making washes with natural watercolor pigments only, as natural pigments can be manipulated in a way that hues, or synthetic pigments cannot. After going through a bottle of frisket, with a 000 brush, I ended up with an outline of the familiar Los Angeles skyline (Mt. Wilson included) and the surrounding cityscape. The band members were transformed into a Mt. Rushmore type of scenery and from there on, I hand-painted and frisketed the branding, as well as the record/CD label.