Nonni Bags by Melly Lou

A project that I more or less stumbled upon, during my time at ACCD. I had worked in fashion for years and once I began to study sustainable design, I found the industry was flawed when it came to sustainability. I decided to trade in my designer bags for a homemade one (the green one featured in the slideshow), because I no longer connected with aesthetics alone--I needed substance. Each design was made out of a preowned leather garment and the lining from garment lining, or vintage cloth. This made each bag very unique, as I found myself responding to the garments features (pockets, zippers, belts, etc.). The waterjet cut handles were made our of FSC certified plywood and due to their design, could be reused. Thus one could buy multiple bags and get a discount for reusing one set of handles. Although I am not producing them at the moment, I hope to re-approach this craft again soon.