Ineo Finis

Ineo Finis embodies my ethos for sustainable design: modular, prefab, non-toxic, customizable, scalable and directly/indirectly recyclable. Ineo Finis in Latin translates to "beginning end" and the idea for the company itself, was inspired by "Cradle to Cradle", as well as "Natural Capitalism", written by Hunter and Amory Lovins and Paul Hawken. Ineo Finis is the opposite of privatization and instead leases units, which are custom designed to a customers specifications. Upon the end of a lease, the unit is dismantled and reassembled to create new units. A design that responds not only to the need for temporary housing (i.e. - the "mobile home"), but also emergency housing. FEMA's mobile homes and RVs that were deployed to Hurricane Katrina survivors, off-gassed harmful levels of formaldehyde due to aging PVC and other plastics. Ineo Finis is safe for everyone and the environment.