Chaise Médian

While studying ergonomics, I learned that most furniture is designed for a person at 6' height. Realizing the median height for women is closer to 5' 5", I decided to approach the subject of feminism in design proportions. Not only did I scale down the proportional median to 5' 5", but I also implemented research in regards to women's preferred sitting positions. As it turns out, women are shifters and the tend to reposition more than men (I personally can attest to this). In addition, I wanted to focus also on neutral position and the only way to do this of course was to make a chaise. Chaise Médian includes a chaise/neutral sitting position, as well as a high-back chair and so many other opportunities in which one can position and reposition themselves. The common dilemma with the classic chaise design is their real-estate and so I also included storage on both sides. This chair is modular and was made out of as few materials as is possible, including no glued or permanent connections, which allows this design to potentially be deconstructed and recycled.

Photography by Betsy Winchell
Featured models are Lukas Haas and Aria Crescendo