In collaboration with Swett Shop, LACE's logo and identity was refreshed in 2015. I suggested Avenir Next, due to its balance and revived take on its predecessor; like Avenir, LACE has reinvented itself numerous times. The organization did not want to entirely abandon the previous identity, thus the interlaced icon was retained and upon the launch of the new website, LACE's image emerged with a refreshed identity. In addition to producing the identity and website, I created communications collateral, such as advertisements, newsletters, business cards, take-aways, tote bags, letterheads and more. In the lobby I installed a monitor, which displays a branded presentation of upcoming programming. For the storefront in the lobby, I designed and built a modular display system, comprised of eighteen 16in. cubes, which can be added and subtracted, to showcase LACE's publications and specially curated items. I also collaborated with artists like Jeffrey Vallance, to produce special year end appeal branding and editions.